Wavendon Gate School

“Every Human is an Artist.” Don Miguel Ruiz

Art is a fundamental form of personal communication. The art curriculum at Wavendon Gate School is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to express what they see, think and feel using the formal elements, materials and processes of art. Through developing artistic knowledge, combined with investigating, making and evaluating, pupils are able to experience and demonstrate the highest forms of human creativity.

Progression of art is met through an art, craft and design curriculum that purposely scaffolds the necessary knowledge and skills so pupils become more proficient through the 4 main processes of art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and, Craft and Design. Activities and artists (e.g. Bridget Riley, Georges Seurat and Derrick O Boateng) have been carefully selected on the progression map to clearly indicate appropriately differentiated experiences and expectations so pupils become visually literate learners.

Our rich and challenging art curriculum allows pupils to know, think critically and develop a deeper understanding about art. They will recognise how art reflects and shapes history, contributes to the culture, creativity and the wealth of nations. Ultimately, we believe that such a considered curriculum will inspire children to pursue their love of art far beyond their primary schooling – whether for pleasure, profession or both!

Our Art and Design Progression Document is currently being updated – Sept 2022