Wavendon Gate School


Thank you for all those children that have a high attendance and have very little time off school. 

We check attendance daily and children that arrive late. If attendance continues to drop, then you may receive a phone call from school discussing this matter. Children that continue to arrive late are monitored daily. 

We take pride in improving our attendance figures and wish to ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity to succeed at our school. In order to succeed, pupils need to attend school on a regular basis.

Sometimes when pupils are under the weather, the distraction of their lessons and their friends can help them get through the day. The school would appreciate the support of parents by assessing the severity of the pupils’ illness and where-ever possible to send their pupils to school. If your child has a hospital, doctors or dentist appointment and you need to take them in school time, then we need to see confirmation of their appointment or it will be marked as unauthorised. 

Please see ‘Medical’ as to the medicines that the school can administer with your permission.

Attendance is monitored daily by our learning mentors. If a pupil is absent, you may get a phone call or a follow up meeting. Any pupil that is below 90% attendance will be monitored closely by the school. Please read the attendance policy below. 

Please make sure your child arrives on time to school. Pupils that are consistently late will be monitored by the school. 

Whole school attendance

School year 2022 – 2023

Autumn 195.5%
Autumn 295.1%
Spring 1 95.5%
Spring 2 95.4%
Summer 1 95.5%
Summer 2 95.5%