Wavendon Gate School

Our science curriculum is deliberately ambitious and ensures that children will learn about the great scientists of the world such as Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. We will explore how their findings have shaped our world and what we know. We aim to inspire the next generation through teaching them the very best that has been said and thought and encouraging them to consider how they can question what they know. Children will investigate what they’d like to know further. Children will cover many topics on their understanding of the world such as light, electricity and seasons. Children will not only have knowledge about the world in which they live, but will also work scientifically to explore and discover findings.

The science curriculum at Wavendon Gate School aspires to create a progressive knowledge base that enables children to gain a deep understand of the world they live in, and obtain skills and knowledge that can be utilised across the curriculum. Key technical vocabulary is mapped onto each unit, allowing children to build a rich bank of scientific language which allows our students to become valuable members of the wider community.

Our curriculum ensures that children will revisit prior knowledge and ensures that new learning is built upon successively. We aim to make science cross curricular by incorporating reading, trips and visits and year group topics into the lessons.

We are deliberately ambitious in our aims in order to inspire young scientists but also to allow the children to fully embed their learning in order for them to have solid foundations for the next steps in their education journey.