Wavendon Gate School

The P.E. curriculum at Wavendon Gate School is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a love of being active and an understanding of the impact this has on our health and well-being.

From entry in the Foundation stage and into Key Stage 1, the children are encouraged to develop their Fundamental Skills (FUNs) of Agility, Balance and Coordination. This provides the building blocks of physical ability enabling them to move and control their bodies in a variety of ways that will ultimately be central to their playing of games and sport.

In Key Stage 2, the children learn to apply these skills within the contexts of real sports like Tag Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Rounders, Basketball, Netball and Football. Children in all year groups also learn to work co-operatively to solve problems in Outdoor Adventurous activities and Year 4 get to learn and refine their swimming skills.

Key skills such as co-operation, team-work and communication are developed as children are encouraged in lessons to lead activities and think critically about how they and others can improve.

We expect our pupils to work together to complete the daily golden mile run. This exposure to fitness based activities helps children understand the benefits regular exercise has on mental well-being and concentration. It also develops teamwork and the idea of setting achievable personal goals.

At Wavendon Gate School, the children have large range of wider sporting opportunities to access at lunchtime and after school so that children can understand how to work as part of a competitive team. We also attend regular interschool/county games and these help children how to enjoy success and consider ways to improve when facing a more skilled competitor.

Ultimately, our P.E. curriculum and wider opportunities are designed to expose and inspire children to find a sport they enjoy. We hope this will encourage them to have healthy lifestyles into adulthood whether they strive to become a sporting hero or a healthy, well rounded member of the community.

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